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Gratitude Sleep Bundle


Send your team a special care package to show them you are thinking of them. Include a personalised message to send with this pack. 

Mindfulness can help you FLOURISH. All the pressures of modern day hustle can cause unwanted stress. Research shows how our mind, body and skin react to stress and how healthy practices can support a feeling of calm to neutralise negative reactions.

If you are sending this to a special person make sure you add their address in at checkout under the shipping section. If you are ordering for multiple people we suggest creating seperate orders for each person. 


Gratitude A4 Booklet

  • Includes:
    • Tips to Guide you
    • Daily Habit Ideas for a great life
    • Weekly gratitude and mindfulness tracker sheets (with space to focus on every day)
    • Weekly reflection pages
    • Colouring in activity / free sketch spreads

Appretiation Cards 8pk 

  • A6 size
  • 250gsm satin

Satin sleep mask and pillow cover

Includes personalised message

Price Includes standard shipping