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Want beautiful photos for your social media or to show your team? 

We have created a pack to help you take beautiful photos of your Arbonne products. WIth 4 different backdrops to choose from, and props to help you style your photos. 

Step 1: Lay the foundation

Layout your backgrounds and pick a background that will complement your product (Dark backgrounds for light products and light backgrounds for mid to dark coloured products) - 

TIP Make sure you set up your flat lay in a space with good lighting / use natural lighting to help create a much more welcoming image. 

Step 2: Star of the show

Lay your products out onto the background (refer to the inside grid page) make sure your main products are displayed in the 4 centre squares of the grid. 

TIP Don’t over-style your flat lay! Think about the message you want to convey in your image e.g. Family of products, Must have products, What’s in my bag? 

Step 3: Taking the shot

Complete the look by laying any props you have* and quote cards around the products (Refer to the inside grid and place your props in the outer squares of the grid). Frame it so your products are the main focus and you are just seeing elements of the props. Have fun, be creative and snap your flat lay. Tag & Follow @arbonneaunz #arbonneaunz  

*TIP Feel free to bring in additional props E.g. Make-up brushes, jewellery, seeds, flowers etc.